VR/AR Training & App Game Expert

Develop innovative VR training & game for best education, marketing and industrial Training purposes with professional designs.

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VR Training & VR game - All-Round Experience

With our experienced 3D designers, we are experienced in creating VR Training & VR game for marketing's needs.Innovative way to promote your brand and enrich your events with the latest Virtual Reality technology!

AR Game - Everywhere Everyone

AR Game is much portable and everyone can enjoy (e.g. Pokemon Go). This can also be a great site-marketing tool. Check out our Case Study with SHK Properties!

VR Training for App Game Expert

How to get started with a VR for App Game Expert.You want to easily create Virtual Reality yourself such as App for iOS,Android. VR directly offers you a platform in which you can do just that. Our experienced development team can design mobile 2D/3D games and apps for business to generate considerable downloads and visitors to promote your brands!
VR Training

VR Training System

For most companies, Virtual Training is new. We specialize in tailor-making and developing VR Training systems for governments, schools and industrial sectors - including industrial safety & procedure, daily life training, science training and compliance training, etc.

VR training solution for enterprise

We support you with the development of a strong business case to discover the applications for Virtual Reality in your company and its training environment.


For STEM, our VR system can inspire students and strengthen their interest to learn. Attend an interesting workshop to build your own Virtual Reality headset!

World Class VR/AR Project - SHK Properties

We have a very strong experience with large-scale project & provide VR/AR-Game Solution for Large Property developers.

Real-VR Experience

Game Demo is available for Downloads upon requests