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Develop innovative game for best marketing effect with professional designs.

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VR Game - All-Round Experience

With our experienced 3D designers, we are experienced in creating VR games for marketing's needs.

AR Game - Everywhere Everyone

AR Game is much portable and everyone can enjoy (e.g. Pokemon Go). This can also be a great site-marketing tool. Check out our Case Study with SHK Properties!

App/Game Solution

Our experienced development team can design mobile 2D/3D games and apps for business to generate considerable downloads and visitors to promote your brands!

VR Shooting Game

Impressive gameplay and equipments can draw a lot of attention!

VR Racing Game

Racing! Everyone loves it and it suits to family!

VR Adventure/ Ghost House

Most suitable for youngsters and adults who love exciting games!

World Class VR/AR Project - SHK Properties

We have a very strong experience with large-scale project & provide VR/AR-Game Solution for Large Property developers.

VR 720 Degree 3D ShowRoom

VR Interior Realistic ShowRoom for Properties sales.


Tower Sim: Pixel Tycoon in City

One of our latest game in full pixel style. Received 5 stars rating and numberous downloads which prove our strength in development. A great simulation game that player can control a lot of tycoons to work for you.

Billion Hunter: Tap Tap Quest

Full 3D Actions game in Android and iOS - Great game play and exciting animation. Player can enjoy the easy game play and the well-designed 3D characters.

More existing projects for you

What's coming next? Come and let us know your idea - We will build it for perfection. We provide 2D/3D designers, game play, logics and all-round development for VR/AR and mobile games.

Real-VR Experience

Game Demo is available for Downloads upon requests